Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Vinci Code - the Movie

So the movie has now hit the cinemas. It's not getting crash hot reviews. But what can be expected from what really is a bit of an airport thriller (or, as this writer suggested, a bus novel)? Dan Brown was never going to win the Pulitzer Prize for this work, and looks like Ron Howard will have to wait his turn for his second Oscar.

Still reading the book and will post more thoughts, though there's not much to say that hasn't already been said by countless others. I'm just up to the chapter (chapter 55) where the character Sir Leigh Teabing reinvents the whole historical basis of Christianity. Notwithtstanding all the cries of "it's only fiction!", there's no doubt in my mind that the "history" recounted in this particular chapter was intended to be read and taken as fact.


At 6:20 pm, Blogger Robert Gramly said...

I happened onto a website called HowStuffWorks and was amused to see an article titled How the Da Vinci Code Doesn't Work The emphasis is on technical inaccuracies and other implausible aspects of the movie/book. I can think of other, more important ways that the book doesn't work but I'll take whatever I can get.

At 8:30 am, Blogger David said...

have u finsished the book yet?

At 5:36 pm, Blogger Andy M said...

No, but getting there.

At 11:07 am, Blogger oblacak said...

Almost all of the book is art of imagination. Letters are not reinvented and english grammar. Part of the thrill that you feel while you read the book is that kind of thinking "wow, this must be a fact". I know - it happend to me :) . After reading it, you have to settle some inner disputes and talk with people, research a bit ... Instantly you see that it is art of imagination.


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