Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wrongful life?...

.... High Court says no.

"There is no present field of human learning or discourse, including philosophy and theology, which would allow a person experiential access to non-existence, whether it is called pre-existence or afterlife. There is no practical possibility of a court (or jury) ever apprehending or evaluating, or receiving proof of, the actual loss or damage as claimed by the appellant. It cannot be determined in what sense Alexia Harriton's life with disabilities represents a loss, deprivation or detriment compared with non-existence. "

Justice Susan Crennan, High Court of Australia, Harriton v Stephens [2006] HCA 15 (9 May 2006) para [253].

Of course, there is someone who has had experiental access to the afterlife, not that that would necessarily have assisted the court in this case in comparing life with non-existence ...


At 10:16 am, Blogger David said...

ditto my first post on " Born again: miners free at last"


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