Tuesday, December 12, 2006


There has obviously been plenty said in the last week about the issue of therapeutic cloning and last week's legislative lifting of the ban. I won't repeat here all the issues and arguments, suffice to say that I join with many other Christians whose views I've read in the world of blogs and online forums who are deeply concerned that human life could be exploited in this way.

What I did want to point out was this disturbing comment I came across in this Herald column titled Five myths of therapeutic cloning:

Myth 5: That respect for human life demands cloning be banned.

While there is a range of views regarding the moral status of the embryo and the degree of protection that should be extended to the embryo, most people would agree that human life, in and of itself, is deserving of respect. But it does not logically follow from this that embryo research and cloning should be banned. That some in the community believe embryos deserve as much protection as adults does not mean the force of law should compel this view.
(italics added)

This argument just doesn't cut the mustard. So, it is not OK for the force of law to compel the view that "embryos" (translation = unborn children) deserve as much protection as adults. But apparently it is OK for the force of law to compel the opposing view, and to compel on society this novel innovation that sees human life created for the purpose of experimentation and subsequent destruction??

If ever there was a case for the force of law being required to protect those least able to speak up and protect themselves, this would be it!


At 4:18 pm, Blogger David said...

that's a terrible quote.

thanks for linking to it.

you're like a law person - do something!!!

At 4:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5:32 pm, Blogger Andy M said...

What do you suggest I, as a "law person" do?? You elected these people as much as I did - that's how laws get made in this country!!


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