Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The link

Believe it or not, there is a link between my last 2 posts. Here it is ...

Last Saturday week we decided to venture out to Bondi in the late afternoon to see Sculptures by the Sea and have take away dinner. In the meantime, I had spent the day raving to my wife about how much I was enjoying my new U2 purchases, particularly their latest album, and had listened to them on the iPod whenever I could grab a chance.

We left home about 4.20pm and had a jolly good time out at Bondi, returning after 8.00pm. There was a message on our home phone voice mail left at about 4.30pm. We'd obviously just missed their call.

Later in the evening I asked my wife whether she'd listened to the message and who had called. She said she was in a dilemma as to whether to tell me or not.

She eventually told me. A friend had called us, only minutes after we'd left, saying she was feeling quite sick and would I like her ticket to the Sydney U2 concert that very evening!!!! Missed the call by 10 minutes!!!!

I think I handled the potential disappointment quite well. We had only been discussing that afternoon that there's no use getting worried about things in the past that you can't change (my wife reminded me of this conversation before telling me about the call!). And God in his sovereignty worked it all out for best. I had worked very long hours that week and had barely seen my family, so an extra night out away from them would not have been a good idea (even if it was to see U2 live!). And our friend, despite feeling quite ill, managed to get along to the concert and enjoy herself, and it would have been very disappointing for her to miss it. She was one of the original ticket holders when they cancelled their tour earlier this year.

Plus, we had a great time at Sculptures by the Sea!

Maybe next time ...


At 8:18 am, Anonymous Mike said...

Missed tickets to u2 by 10 minutes?

Surely this proves there is no God!

At 4:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good attitude Andy.


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